Morning Ray of Sunshine

The truth is we know nothing. What we think we want, where we’re heading, what is our life’s purpose could just be a stop gap, a bridge to get us to where we’re really meant to go. But what the latter is, we will never know till the time is right.

So when something that we think was meant for us doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean we’ve lost, just that it came into our life only to prepare us for something else, something beautiful that is truly ours.

So rather than getting attached to where we should be, what should be coming to us, let’s just enjoy the journey, make the most of where we are, what we’re doing. Cause everything is a learning, a preparation that’s coming our way.

And even more importantly life is not about where we reach but in how we live our todays – every single moment. Cause the joy of living the moment fully, deriving maximum happiness from every single thing we do, see, experience – that is truly magical and completely ours – no one can take that away.

So let’s make the most of this precious gift that’s been given to us – Today.


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