Morning Ray of Sunshine

Just like every kind of flavour is essential in a meal every kind of emotion is essential in life.

Today how about we don’t repress or run away from emotions that we have labelled as ‘undesirable’?

Let’s embrace anger, sadness, fear – experience these flavours of life fully… let’s live our life fully in terms of whatever comes.

And when we don’t resent them or feel unsettled and dismayed by their coming, our expression of these emotions will also be more gentle, more loving towards ourselves, more balanced.

Not to mention making our experience of joy or love or laughter so much sweeter, our living so much richer.

To a beautiful new week with new experiences and new learnings


Morning Ray of Sunshine

Trust. Why do we find it so hard? Trusting people? Trusting the Universe? Trusting ourselves?

What is it we fear? Being let down? But that’s merely the Universe’s way of teaching us that anything we want to accomplish, we can do on our own. Our needing specific people’s support is a myth.  One way or the other we have it in us to get what we want, be it support,  love or anything else.

Being disappointed? That’s merely to show us that maybe we were aiming too low, that something much bigger, better is on the horizon. And to teach us to jump back onto our feet and forge on.

Or is it cause we don’t feel good enough? Let’s forget what the world may have told us. Let’s look at past setbacks merely as part of the learning curve. What we see as our shortcomings are what make us unique and are our special strengths. WE ARE WHO WE ARE AND THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH.

Let’s trust God’s plan – the people in our life, the opportunities, and most of all the unique abilities, qualities, whims and eccentricities we’ve been given.

We have our own special place in the world. Let’s claim it, make the most of it, enjoy it.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are things we think we can’t do. We want to do them but hold back for fear of failure.

Today let’s give it a shot. Everything we think is beyond us let’s make it happen. Sure we may fail but Edison didn’t make a bulb on his first try. Maybe it’ll take us 300 more shots but then the sooner we start the better.

And who knows there’s always beginners luck

Toh chalo aaj thoda crazy karte hain. Let’s do the unthinkable. Let’s be incredible

Morning Ray of Sunshine

New day. New week.

Today could be beautiful. Today could be unbearable. And that has nothing to do with what comes or happens.

We choose how today will be.

We can choose to have fun and laugh at whatever comes. We can choose to be loving and compassionate with even the Genghis Khans in our day. We can choose to send our egos on holiday and not get riled or upset by anything anyone says or does.

We can choose to find new joys in old, humdrum routines. We can make everything a game and an adventure the way we did when we were kids.

We can make today a celebration, a party of mirth and merriment.

Or we can choose to be miserable and careworn and blame the world at large…

What do you choose my friend?

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Enjoy. Is that a word we’ve forgotten?

There is so much in life to enjoy… the icy cold touch of water to our faces first thing in the morning, the first taste of piping hot tea. The super excited birds, perhaps drops of rain in the trees. The sleepy look on the faces of our spouse or kids or siblings. Breakfast 🙂

Music on the radio on the way to work. Bonhomie with the colleagues. Pehla coffee of the day.

Work… we used to enjoy, look forward it. We can again. So let’s.

Plans for Lunch. Lunch. Plans for the evening. Why wait for Friday or Saturday? This evening can be fun. Special. Let’s enjoy that.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. So much more to enjoy, celebrate. So let’s just have a blast.

Are you smiling yet?

Morning Ray of Sunshine



Let’s just look at our lives for a moment today and ask – is this a word that is only in our dictionaries but not in our living?

Are we passionate about waking up in the morning and diving into the day? Do we show intense passion and enthusiasm in the work we do? Is there love and passion in our every interaction, every communication, every action towards our closest people? Are we passionate about making the most of this beautiful day that we’ve been given?

If not let’s change that right now. Let’s bring back the passion, the innocence, the irrepressible zest and joie de vivre in every single thing we do.

Let the magic begin…

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Wisdom can’t just be learned from books. It can’t be acquired by hear say. One needs to dive deep into the open seas of life, get pulled under, scraped against the rocks to really get a taste of wisdom.

We get wiser by reaching for the stars, diving off cliffs, attempting to fly… sure we may fall. Sure we will be bruised and battered. But we also learn enough to stay up in the sky, longer next time.

We become wiser by opening our hearts, falling in love. For sure there will be frustration and tears, anger and heartbreak. But that’s how we learn to love better and wiser, give more of ourselves, be more honest, real, unconditional.

Sure we can play safe, live in our little ponds, assume what we know is all there is to learn… we can keep existing.

Or we can get out there and taste what living really is. Perhaps understanding this difference between existing and living is our first step to being wise

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Every moment of every day we’re holding back. Holding back from loving fully, from giving our entire selves to whatever we’re doing, from experiencing the moment fully, from pushing ourselves beyond what we fear are our limits, from Really Living…

Maybe we’re scared of no reciprocation, maybe of failure, maybe of getting attached to the result and hence heartbreak and disappointment, maybe we’re scared that we’re not good enough to do, give or receive. Maybe we just want to stay in our comfort zone.

Whatever the reason we’re just paddling in the shallow not whooping it up in the open seas. Let’s change that today. Let’s drop all the walls, love completely, commit totally, give all of ourselves to the people and projects in our lives. Let’s hold nothing back, stake it all and just enjoy this complete immersion and involvement.

Baaki jo hoga achcha hi hoga… but let’s make this itself our celebration of the day.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Respect and Value.

Today is a good time to ask ourselves – do we really respect and value what we have in our lives?

Do we respect and value ourselves as a unique individual with one of a kind strengths, talents, eccentricities and shortcomings? Do we love, accept and acknowledge ourselves just the way we are? If not, let’s start.

Let’s respect and value the most important people in our lives – our parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends – old and new, teachers, clients, bosses. Time to start realizing how important they are to us and showing them that we care and are grateful for them being in our lives.

Let’s respect and value our health, our talents, work on honing them, polishing them, using them all the time, making the most of them… creating something outstanding with them.

Let’s value the zillion opportunities for joy and celebration and laughter that keep popping up in our lives but oft we don’t even notice.

Let’s respect this glorious day of our lives and make it one to remember.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Ice cream

Work is a never satiated, all consuming monster.

And if we don’t draw the line it will chomp up everything – our health, our relationships, our laughter and fun, our own time…

There is no end to work… so if we think there is life at the other end, once it’s all done we’re deluding ourselves. Life is now in this minute, work is just a small subset.

Today let’s be the one calling the shots on when we work, when we live rather than giving all of ourselves to work and hoping the monster will leave some scraps for us to manage every other aspect of our life in.

Work is important. So is goofing off. So is spending mad time with friends and family. So is reading, music, walking the streets aimlessly…

So why not have targets for everything we want to do and split the day accordingly? Cause the reason only work gets done is cause that’s the primary area in which we have goals and milestones.

Today we work to live not live to work.