Morning Ray of Sunshine

The hardest thing to do is maintain peace and equanimity when things aren’t going our way, when what we want so badly continues to elude us. We know we just have to be patient and keep the faith but it often seems so hard to do.

True in this moment we do not and cannot have what we want. But we do have the choice to find happiness in this moment by doing something else. Not giving up on our dreams at all but rather than wasting these precious hours of life angsting, just finding things that give us a reason to smile, laugh, be joyous. We can love and be loved by the people in our life in this moment even if that special someone is just a blur on the horizon. We can help someone in need or just uplift their spirits, lend a patient ear or just hug them.

We can rise beyond what is not there and make so much more from what is and be thankful for what is. And though we can’t see it, by doing this we are moving closer to attracting what we wanted in the first place.


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