Morning Ray of Sunshine

Let’s Love ourselves just that little bit more today. Let’s indulge ourselves in the smallest of things be it 5 minutes more of sleep or in the shower or just that scoop of ice-cream

Let’s forgive ourselves just that more, hug ourselves tightly and accept our humanity when we screw up or fall short of our own lofty expectations.

Let’s follow our heart just that itsy bitsy bit more today and allow ourselves to do that thing we really want to, that’s not urgent, no one’s baying for it but is so so precious to us.

Let’s not put up our walls or go into our shells or don that mask of I’m not worth it when love comes our way. Instead let’s bask in it, bathe in it, fill our hearts and souls with it, knowing that we deserve it and more.

We are special. We are unique. Let’s celebrate that today.


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