Morning Ray of Sunshine

Ice cream

Work is a never satiated, all consuming monster.

And if we don’t draw the line it will chomp up everything – our health, our relationships, our laughter and fun, our own time…

There is no end to work… so if we think there is life at the other end, once it’s all done we’re deluding ourselves. Life is now in this minute, work is just a small subset.

Today let’s be the one calling the shots on when we work, when we live rather than giving all of ourselves to work and hoping the monster will leave some scraps for us to manage every other aspect of our life in.

Work is important. So is goofing off. So is spending mad time with friends and family. So is reading, music, walking the streets aimlessly…

So why not have targets for everything we want to do and split the day accordingly? Cause the reason only work gets done is cause that’s the primary area in which we have goals and milestones.

Today we work to live not live to work.


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