Morning Ray of Sunshine

Respect and Value.

Today is a good time to ask ourselves – do we really respect and value what we have in our lives?

Do we respect and value ourselves as a unique individual with one of a kind strengths, talents, eccentricities and shortcomings? Do we love, accept and acknowledge ourselves just the way we are? If not, let’s start.

Let’s respect and value the most important people in our lives – our parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends – old and new, teachers, clients, bosses. Time to start realizing how important they are to us and showing them that we care and are grateful for them being in our lives.

Let’s respect and value our health, our talents, work on honing them, polishing them, using them all the time, making the most of them… creating something outstanding with them.

Let’s value the zillion opportunities for joy and celebration and laughter that keep popping up in our lives but oft we don’t even notice.

Let’s respect this glorious day of our lives and make it one to remember.


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