Morning Ray of Sunshine

Every moment of every day we’re holding back. Holding back from loving fully, from giving our entire selves to whatever we’re doing, from experiencing the moment fully, from pushing ourselves beyond what we fear are our limits, from Really Living…

Maybe we’re scared of no reciprocation, maybe of failure, maybe of getting attached to the result and hence heartbreak and disappointment, maybe we’re scared that we’re not good enough to do, give or receive. Maybe we just want to stay in our comfort zone.

Whatever the reason we’re just paddling in the shallow not whooping it up in the open seas. Let’s change that today. Let’s drop all the walls, love completely, commit totally, give all of ourselves to the people and projects in our lives. Let’s hold nothing back, stake it all and just enjoy this complete immersion and involvement.

Baaki jo hoga achcha hi hoga… but let’s make this itself our celebration of the day.


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