Morning Ray of Sunshine

Wisdom can’t just be learned from books. It can’t be acquired by hear say. One needs to dive deep into the open seas of life, get pulled under, scraped against the rocks to really get a taste of wisdom.

We get wiser by reaching for the stars, diving off cliffs, attempting to fly… sure we may fall. Sure we will be bruised and battered. But we also learn enough to stay up in the sky, longer next time.

We become wiser by opening our hearts, falling in love. For sure there will be frustration and tears, anger and heartbreak. But that’s how we learn to love better and wiser, give more of ourselves, be more honest, real, unconditional.

Sure we can play safe, live in our little ponds, assume what we know is all there is to learn… we can keep existing.

Or we can get out there and taste what living really is. Perhaps understanding this difference between existing and living is our first step to being wise


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