Morning Ray of Sunshine

Enjoy. Is that a word we’ve forgotten?

There is so much in life to enjoy… the icy cold touch of water to our faces first thing in the morning, the first taste of piping hot tea. The super excited birds, perhaps drops of rain in the trees. The sleepy look on the faces of our spouse or kids or siblings. Breakfast 🙂

Music on the radio on the way to work. Bonhomie with the colleagues. Pehla coffee of the day.

Work… we used to enjoy, look forward it. We can again. So let’s.

Plans for Lunch. Lunch. Plans for the evening. Why wait for Friday or Saturday? This evening can be fun. Special. Let’s enjoy that.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. So much more to enjoy, celebrate. So let’s just have a blast.

Are you smiling yet?


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