Morning Ray of Sunshine

Trust. Why do we find it so hard? Trusting people? Trusting the Universe? Trusting ourselves?

What is it we fear? Being let down? But that’s merely the Universe’s way of teaching us that anything we want to accomplish, we can do on our own. Our needing specific people’s support is a myth.  One way or the other we have it in us to get what we want, be it support,  love or anything else.

Being disappointed? That’s merely to show us that maybe we were aiming too low, that something much bigger, better is on the horizon. And to teach us to jump back onto our feet and forge on.

Or is it cause we don’t feel good enough? Let’s forget what the world may have told us. Let’s look at past setbacks merely as part of the learning curve. What we see as our shortcomings are what make us unique and are our special strengths. WE ARE WHO WE ARE AND THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH.

Let’s trust God’s plan – the people in our life, the opportunities, and most of all the unique abilities, qualities, whims and eccentricities we’ve been given.

We have our own special place in the world. Let’s claim it, make the most of it, enjoy it.


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