Morning Ray of Sunshine

You know how when we start working out regularly, an interesting thing starts happening. We do our work out fully. And still our body clamours for more – our capacity has increased.

So it is with every good thing. As we open our hearts and give and receive love abundantly our heart pushes us to give even more. As we face our fears and do the things we want to but have been nervous about our soul pushes us to even bigger challenges, greater achievements to reach for the sky… As we surrender to higher powers and just dive into life, okay to fall, learn and dive back, life opens up more and more glorious gateways for us taking us to higher levels of learning and consciousness… our scope of life and living and loving becomes so much larger.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s start doing now… more and more and MORE


Morning Ray of Sunshine

Love – It’s beautiful, magical, healing, inspiring… we all need it

So let’s reach out and touch someone with love today, maybe someone close, maybe a stranger, maybe through a smile or hug, maybe through words or some beautiful action. But let’s them make feel loved and special and open the portal for magic and miracles to enter their lives.

And as we do that the love that’s passing through us heals us, elevates us and creates wonders in our lives as well.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Our fears are not real. They exist only in our minds. But our minds make them so vivid and graphic that they take over us, paralyze, convince us to turn tail and flee…

But fact is even if our worst fears come true, in reality they will not be one tenth as bad as what our mind makes them seem. And when they come, so too miraculously does the strength within us to face them and come out triumphant.

The key is not give in to the fear, not get sucked in but to breathe, calm ourselves down and keep moving forward. The more we hang in there, the weaker the fear becomes.

We are bigger than our fears, real or imagined. We will overcome

Morning Ray of Sunshine

We have not been put on this planet to please anyone.

The world may tell us what we are doing is wrong, but if that is what our heart genuinely wants then by all means we should go for it. Our primary loyalty is to ourselves, to be true to who we are and what we want.

Sure not all our decisions will be right. Sure we will fall flat on our face. But that is our learning curve. That’s how we will become aware of our shortcomings and rise above.

Let’s not forget – we are one of a kind, absolutely unique. We were not created to become like anyone else or become what anyone else wants us to or for us to cast ourselves in anyone’s mould.

Let’s embrace and celebrate who we are and stay true to that.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Are we good enough? How often does this terrifying question plague us? When we’re on the verge of taking on big new responsibilities, or starting our dream project or a relationship or starting a family or … the list is endless.

But let’s not ask ourselves that question? Instead ask why has this opportunity come to us? And the answer is cause we are worthy of it or in accepting and doing we will become worthy.

Truth is there is no good enough. Every day is about us accepting new challenges, about learning more, growing more, becoming better… Why would we stop at good enough or great? Every day we’re becoming greater.

So let’s not waste time on self doubt or questioning, let’s enthusiastically, joyously, innocently grab the opportunities that comes to us and have fun with them, make the most of this journey to becoming more awesome.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

If we’re feeling alone or lonely maybe we need to ask ourselves have we really been letting people in. For sure there are multiple people who care about us, love us, want to be part of our lives. But have we allowed them?

Or have we, maybe even without consciously realizing allowed walls to block their love and concern? Have we really shared ourselves and what is going on with us to those who want to be a part of our lives? Or have we just been lost in our busy schedules and petty concerns to allow human connection?

Today’s a good time to start changing that. Let’s take a look at the people in our life who really matter, reach out to them, acknowledge them, share ourselves with them.

None of us need to be alone or lonely. And the first step out of that is opening our hearts to those in our lives.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Avoidance is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. Running away from or postponing awkward conversations, confrontations, standing up for oneself, taking action on things that are most important for our lives… this is where our lives are  stuck. This is what is weighing down our hearts.

Sure we’re scared, of failure, of rejection, of what people might think of us… but let’s first turn the lens towards ourselves. Why are we here, on this planet? Not to please anyone. Not to succeed in anything and everything we do. Not to even do the right thing all the time.

We’re here to live our lives fully. And learn. Neither of which can happen if we keep running from the situations that test us the most.

So let’s face our fears, let dive headlong into everything we’ve been avoiding and let’s do it with courage, enthusiasm and a smile.

We will surprise ourselves and will stand tall and see how awesome we really are.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

At times we may feel pulled in every direction, totally out of control, trapped and at the mercy of others’ whims and needs.

Take a step back. Breathe. No one can control us without our permission. We are in this situation cause we have relinquished control of our life. It’s up to us to change that.

Let’s just take stock of what WE want in our life and make that priority number 1. Everything else fits in, in the time that’s left. Are people going to be upset. But once we start focussing on what gives us most joy we will be so charged up that half the time is enough to do double the work.

And more importantly the only person we can really make happy is ourself. Let’s do that first. The rest will take care of itself.

Today we start inside out. Focus on our dreams and take charge of our now.

Morning Ray of Sunshine


Are we working too hard in certain areas of our life and totally neglecting certain others? Are we showering love and kindness on some people in our life while others don’t even get monosyllabic responses?

Is all our time, all our energy going to work, other people and we have nothing left for ourselves, to nurture and look after our bodies, minds, souls? To do the things our heart wants us to do – that would make us so happy?

How’s about taking stock today? What areas in our life can we ease up on? What areas do we leap in and take charge?

This is probably the zabardast ghumaav we’ve been looking for all this while.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

When something in our life breaks, gets over it just means it has served its purpose in our life and it is time for us to let go, move on. But cause we were stuck in our comfort zone and weren’t budging the Universe has had to step in, in a rather irrevocable fashion.

But now that the break has happened rather than moping and moaning, let’s move on. Cause ahead there’s something bigger and better, more geared to take us to where we need to be in life.

So let’s accept what is gone and with optimism, innocence, enthusiasm and faith charge forward to the new and make the most of it.

To new beginnings this week.