Morning Ray of Sunshine

Every so often there are things in a day that we just don’t want to do, places we don’t want to go to, people we don’t want to meet. And the very thought of doing this, depresses us, pulls us down, pretty much wrecks our day.

But wait a minute. This is a precious day of our life. Why should we give anyone or anything power over our life, over us? Why should we let anything ruin a special day of our life?

No way! Why not instead decide that no one – nothing gets to pull us down, to make us gloomy. Our happiness is our choice and we choose to be happy. We choose to disconnect with the outcomes and consequences of this thing we have to do, we choose to cut off from what those people may think about us, we choose to just laugh and have fun with whatever this situation, this day brings.

We are bigger than any unpleasantness, any painful person. We have a right to be happy and make the most of this day and by golly we are going to do that and anyway who comes in the way can take a jump around the seventh ring of Saturn


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