Morning Ray of Sunshine

Avoidance is the worst thing we can do to ourselves. Running away from or postponing awkward conversations, confrontations, standing up for oneself, taking action on things that are most important for our lives… this is where our lives are  stuck. This is what is weighing down our hearts.

Sure we’re scared, of failure, of rejection, of what people might think of us… but let’s first turn the lens towards ourselves. Why are we here, on this planet? Not to please anyone. Not to succeed in anything and everything we do. Not to even do the right thing all the time.

We’re here to live our lives fully. And learn. Neither of which can happen if we keep running from the situations that test us the most.

So let’s face our fears, let dive headlong into everything we’ve been avoiding and let’s do it with courage, enthusiasm and a smile.

We will surprise ourselves and will stand tall and see how awesome we really are.


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