Morning Ray of Sunshine

You know how just before an important presentation or an exam or before a performance or match we tell ourselves – I have to give my best. We psyche ourselves, push ourselves to perform at the optimum.

But wait a second who says any one day or hour of our life is more important than everything else? Why should we be at our best at a presentation but not when doing the work that we have won from that pitch? Why should our proposal be out of the world and then be an average spouse the rest of our life? Why should we live our life king size during vacations and then eke out an existence the rest of the year?

But that’s what we do. But no more. Every moment of our life is equally precious. So let’s consciously approach today and every day henceforth with this awareness and be our best in every moment – in enthusiasm, energy, dedication, concentration, alertness, love, compassion, humour, joy..

Let’s just give every moment everything we’ve got. Cause we’re giving it to our own lives. And making it awesome and incredible


Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are times when we feel we’ve hit a dead end, that there are insurmountable obstacles on every side, then the last so many years of chasing our goals have been pointless and that our lives and we ourselves count for nothing. We are a dead loss.

Fair enough. Let’s take a minute to feel it fully, accepting the feeling (not that it is true or not but that we are feeling that way).

Then let’s take a step back and think back to what our original goal, why did we start doing what we were doing? What was our original intention, driving force. Chances are we’ve lost focus, we started doing this cause we wanted to, for soul gratification and somewhere we’ve gotten caught up with material or ego gratification and that’s become the quest. Hence the obstacles and dead ends. This is not to say we don’t need money or recognition but we make that the be all and end all, things always run aground.

All we need to do is course correct, remind ourselves of why we do what we do and keep that as the focus, the larger picture. And lo, the obstacles will shift, sure we may still get the ego kick we were chasing but that was never our primary goal was it… And as we focus on our soul goals, the material will come.

Let’s get back to basics, back to who we really are and what we really want.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Saving for a rainy day may be a good concept but not when it translates to postponing life and living.

Oh I’ll wear that new outfit on an occasion, I’ll save that bottle of wine for a special day, this idea is too good to be used here,  this experience has to be enjoyed with someone special not solo or just a friend…

Do we understand that we’re actually operating from a scarcity mindset? If I wear this new shirt ek aur nahin milega. If I drink this nice wine how will I afford another? This is the best idea I will ever have – no better one will ever come to me.

Come on. This is hoarding and postponing life to a future that may not even come. Life is NOW. Who knows about tomorrow?

Let’s be adventurous, let’s be mad. Let’s use up whatever we want to now and keep the faith that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Much, much more goodness will come. And the more we live, the more we give, the more we love – the more abundance and miracles we attract.

Let’s try it and see what fun ensues. Break out the champagne and new shoes today and let’s go dancing on the streets

Morning Ray of Sunshine

As humans we are so prone to the ‘Grass is Greener’ Syndrome. We compare our lives to everyone else’s and feel like they have the better jobs, spouses, homes, opportunities – lives. We angst over opportunities we lost or turned down, people we let go of or lost and keep telling us we’ve ended up with a shitty deal.

But here’s the news flash. We may feel we’ve been stupid or have screwed up but the Universe is way, way smarter than us. Where we are and what we have is exactly what we need to learn, grow,  shine and live a life of love and abundance.

Sure we may not be making the best use of what we’ve got – how can we when we’re so busy dissing it, comparing it unfavourably to what we don’t have and feeling like a victim?

So today how about we just stop? Instead fill our hearts with gratitude and thank the Universe for the people and opportunities we have? And then embrace them new innocence, renewed enthusiasm and vigour and see what miracles we can create from them.

We have it in us. We have it around us. Let’s just make it happen

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Don’t you often get the feeling that life is just whizzing by? Years, decades have just passed by and our list of things we want to do, experience seems almost untouched.

Life is short. And there’s so much we want to do, so much to see, so much to try. So then shouldn’t we just be getting to it? Instead of wasting precious moments on bemoaning what is not there in our life, bitching about who has slighted us in what way, tallying the numerous ways in which the Universe has not been fair to us.

Let’s face it. With all our cribs, there’s loads of goodness in our lives. There’s lots going for us. Let’s just make the most of it and utilize all our strengths and opportunities to making all our dreams, plans happen.

None of us is going to get an extension on life. So let’s just yank out our bucket list and start making it a reality. The time to live our lives is now… not some vague date in the future.

Let’s get going…

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Just say this to yourself today and everyday.

“I am special, I am unique. I am one of a kind.

I am beautiful. I am powerful. I am meant to shine.

I am lovable. I am loving. I am deserving of all the love that comes to me.

I am happy. I am meant to be happy always.

I am dynamite. I rise above any challenge, any setback, any rejection, any hurt. I use these as stepping stones to bounce on and fly even higher.

I am peace. I am contentment. I am laughter. I am music. I am dance. I am playfulness. I am a child.

I am special. I love myself very, very much.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Commitment? Are we showing it to ourselves and our lives? Are we making and keeping the commitments we make?

Of course it seems scary. Of course we make excuses, try and act cool and say I’m not that serious boring kind of person. But that’s just a cover up for our fears.

Fact is making and keeping commitments, becomes the foundation, the building blocks for the road to our glorious future, to the shining self we’re meant to be.

So let’s start this week by making commitments – to ourselves – for fitness, for fun, for achieving a cherished dream. Let’s make work commitments that can take us to the next level. Let’s make commitments to our near dear ones. And as we make small ones, big ones will show up and we will fulfil them as effortlessly.

Let’s go people… Seize the day. Seize the dream.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are things in our life that we just don’t want to do, that we’re constantly trying to procrastinate, get rid of, run from and even when we do them it’s so grudgingly it’s almost like lifting Mount Cotopaxi and walking…

What we probably don’t get is that these ‘undesirables’ are also part of Life’s plan for us. Hidden in them is some big opportunity – either to learn something or think out of the box and open up some new avenue – in some way to become bigger, grow… get several steps closer to where we want to be.

For all we know the things we hate at work are offering us opportunities for diversifying or scaling up. The things we hate at home are opportunities to connect better with our spouse or kids or parents or pals…

Instead of coming up with new ways of running away, today let’s just take a whole new look at these things we hate and find that awesome opportunity hiding beneath. And then let’s seize it and let the miracles unfold…

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Loving someone is hard. To put our entire trust in someone we have no control over, to open ourselves completely, allow ourselves to be completely vulnerable to hurt, betrayal, rejection, being let down, controlled, manipulated – wow that’s hard…

But isn’t it harder to be alone, closed, empty inside longing for someone to hold on to, to love – give, receive, to do things with, to share things with, to laugh with, to cry with?

Sure there’s a risk, sure at times we will get hurt, we will feel let down but that’s life. If we never enter the sea for fear of drowning we never swim. If we never leap off a height for fear of crashing we can’t fly. If we’re scared of failure we never accomplish all that we’re meant to… so what’re we living then?

Today let’s take the risk, let’s open up, let someone in, let’s love lots and allow ourselves to be loved lots. After all what else is there in life?

Morning Ray of Sunshine

When nothing seems to be working out, when the road ahead seems blocked and we just can’t break through, let’s ask ourselves just one question – What can we do that’s drastically different from everything we’ve tried?

What’s the out of the box, crazy option that we’ve just not considered because it seemed too wild, because our conditioning makes it seem right out of our comfort zone, because it scares us…

And then let’s just do that… what do we have to lose? We’re stuck anyway. We can’t go through, we can’t go around but maybe we can fly over. Sure we believe we can’t fly but what if we can???

Aaj thoda crazy try karte hain