Morning Ray of Sunshine

Very often we end up feeling unloved, alone, perhaps cause we’re not in a relationship, maybe cause we’re in love where we feel the love has gone out the window.

But love doesn’t just mean mwaah mwaah cootchie coo… sex sex. That’s just a tiny part.

There’s so much more love in our lives – the calls from our parents to check if we’re fine, if we’ve eaten our meals, reached home, the stupid pranks pulled by our friends, a little thump on the back, a reassuring hand on shoulder, the smile of a stranger, a funny forward and so much more – all proof that there are so many people who care. Let’s embrace it all.

And when we feel alone and emotionally vulnerable, which we definitely will, let’s  take a step back, say I am allowing myself to feel vulnerable, to feel like a victim. I can instead choose to feel like a warrior. A champion. I don’t need to be dependent on anyone’s love. I love myself fully and accept myself as I am. And give myself and everyone around me love…

Once we love ourselves fully and get beyond our need for love from that elusive, special someone guess what? It’ll crash right into our lives.

So today be loved, be loving.


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