Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are days when we wake up feeling so blah, when nothing inspires us to get out of bed, when we feel low, alone, defeated.

Well that’s when we need to switch gears to booster jet and jump out double quick and say Bring it On.

Let’s make it our holy mission to find and manufacture joy today – find reasons to be happy, to laugh, to make others happy. Even if they were not on the official agenda let’s do things that make us happy. Let’s hone in on at least one thing that could get us excited and make it part of the day.

Let’s find purpose, doing that something that is so bigger than us and our petty issues, that will live on long after we are gone. It could be an act of kindness and love, it could be a line of beautiful verse, it could be some brilliant colours on a pristine canvas, could be creating an hour that someone else will remember forever. Let’s do it.

Let’s find the love in our hurt, bruised, shut down hearts. Let’s get it flowing by giving love abundantly, unquestioningly, unconditionally today to anyone, everyone. And let’s just hug ourselves a little tighter, love ourselves just that little bit more today.

And let’s laugh out loud when we realize how different the end of today is from the beginning


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