Morning Ray of Sunshine

Loving someone is hard. To put our entire trust in someone we have no control over, to open ourselves completely, allow ourselves to be completely vulnerable to hurt, betrayal, rejection, being let down, controlled, manipulated – wow that’s hard…

But isn’t it harder to be alone, closed, empty inside longing for someone to hold on to, to love – give, receive, to do things with, to share things with, to laugh with, to cry with?

Sure there’s a risk, sure at times we will get hurt, we will feel let down but that’s life. If we never enter the sea for fear of drowning we never swim. If we never leap off a height for fear of crashing we can’t fly. If we’re scared of failure we never accomplish all that we’re meant to… so what’re we living then?

Today let’s take the risk, let’s open up, let someone in, let’s love lots and allow ourselves to be loved lots. After all what else is there in life?


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