Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are things in our life that we just don’t want to do, that we’re constantly trying to procrastinate, get rid of, run from and even when we do them it’s so grudgingly it’s almost like lifting Mount Cotopaxi and walking…

What we probably don’t get is that these ‘undesirables’ are also part of Life’s plan for us. Hidden in them is some big opportunity – either to learn something or think out of the box and open up some new avenue – in some way to become bigger, grow… get several steps closer to where we want to be.

For all we know the things we hate at work are offering us opportunities for diversifying or scaling up. The things we hate at home are opportunities to connect better with our spouse or kids or parents or pals…

Instead of coming up with new ways of running away, today let’s just take a whole new look at these things we hate and find that awesome opportunity hiding beneath. And then let’s seize it and let the miracles unfold…


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