Morning Ray of Sunshine

Commitment? Are we showing it to ourselves and our lives? Are we making and keeping the commitments we make?

Of course it seems scary. Of course we make excuses, try and act cool and say I’m not that serious boring kind of person. But that’s just a cover up for our fears.

Fact is making and keeping commitments, becomes the foundation, the building blocks for the road to our glorious future, to the shining self we’re meant to be.

So let’s start this week by making commitments – to ourselves – for fitness, for fun, for achieving a cherished dream. Let’s make work commitments that can take us to the next level. Let’s make commitments to our near dear ones. And as we make small ones, big ones will show up and we will fulfil them as effortlessly.

Let’s go people… Seize the day. Seize the dream.


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