Morning Ray of Sunshine

Don’t you often get the feeling that life is just whizzing by? Years, decades have just passed by and our list of things we want to do, experience seems almost untouched.

Life is short. And there’s so much we want to do, so much to see, so much to try. So then shouldn’t we just be getting to it? Instead of wasting precious moments on bemoaning what is not there in our life, bitching about who has slighted us in what way, tallying the numerous ways in which the Universe has not been fair to us.

Let’s face it. With all our cribs, there’s loads of goodness in our lives. There’s lots going for us. Let’s just make the most of it and utilize all our strengths and opportunities to making all our dreams, plans happen.

None of us is going to get an extension on life. So let’s just yank out our bucket list and start making it a reality. The time to live our lives is now… not some vague date in the future.

Let’s get going…


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