Morning Ray of Sunshine

As humans we are so prone to the ‘Grass is Greener’ Syndrome. We compare our lives to everyone else’s and feel like they have the better jobs, spouses, homes, opportunities – lives. We angst over opportunities we lost or turned down, people we let go of or lost and keep telling us we’ve ended up with a shitty deal.

But here’s the news flash. We may feel we’ve been stupid or have screwed up but the Universe is way, way smarter than us. Where we are and what we have is exactly what we need to learn, grow,  shine and live a life of love and abundance.

Sure we may not be making the best use of what we’ve got – how can we when we’re so busy dissing it, comparing it unfavourably to what we don’t have and feeling like a victim?

So today how about we just stop? Instead fill our hearts with gratitude and thank the Universe for the people and opportunities we have? And then embrace them new innocence, renewed enthusiasm and vigour and see what miracles we can create from them.

We have it in us. We have it around us. Let’s just make it happen


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