Morning Ray of Sunshine

Saving for a rainy day may be a good concept but not when it translates to postponing life and living.

Oh I’ll wear that new outfit on an occasion, I’ll save that bottle of wine for a special day, this idea is too good to be used here,  this experience has to be enjoyed with someone special not solo or just a friend…

Do we understand that we’re actually operating from a scarcity mindset? If I wear this new shirt ek aur nahin milega. If I drink this nice wine how will I afford another? This is the best idea I will ever have – no better one will ever come to me.

Come on. This is hoarding and postponing life to a future that may not even come. Life is NOW. Who knows about tomorrow?

Let’s be adventurous, let’s be mad. Let’s use up whatever we want to now and keep the faith that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Much, much more goodness will come. And the more we live, the more we give, the more we love – the more abundance and miracles we attract.

Let’s try it and see what fun ensues. Break out the champagne and new shoes today and let’s go dancing on the streets


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