Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are times when we feel we’ve hit a dead end, that there are insurmountable obstacles on every side, then the last so many years of chasing our goals have been pointless and that our lives and we ourselves count for nothing. We are a dead loss.

Fair enough. Let’s take a minute to feel it fully, accepting the feeling (not that it is true or not but that we are feeling that way).

Then let’s take a step back and think back to what our original goal, why did we start doing what we were doing? What was our original intention, driving force. Chances are we’ve lost focus, we started doing this cause we wanted to, for soul gratification and somewhere we’ve gotten caught up with material or ego gratification and that’s become the quest. Hence the obstacles and dead ends. This is not to say we don’t need money or recognition but we make that the be all and end all, things always run aground.

All we need to do is course correct, remind ourselves of why we do what we do and keep that as the focus, the larger picture. And lo, the obstacles will shift, sure we may still get the ego kick we were chasing but that was never our primary goal was it… And as we focus on our soul goals, the material will come.

Let’s get back to basics, back to who we really are and what we really want.


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