Morning Ray of Sunshine

You know how just before an important presentation or an exam or before a performance or match we tell ourselves – I have to give my best. We psyche ourselves, push ourselves to perform at the optimum.

But wait a second who says any one day or hour of our life is more important than everything else? Why should we be at our best at a presentation but not when doing the work that we have won from that pitch? Why should our proposal be out of the world and then be an average spouse the rest of our life? Why should we live our life king size during vacations and then eke out an existence the rest of the year?

But that’s what we do. But no more. Every moment of our life is equally precious. So let’s consciously approach today and every day henceforth with this awareness and be our best in every moment – in enthusiasm, energy, dedication, concentration, alertness, love, compassion, humour, joy..

Let’s just give every moment everything we’ve got. Cause we’re giving it to our own lives. And making it awesome and incredible


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