Morning Ray of Sunshine

A day, any day will always have both ups and downs. Right now, as we’re setting out to live this day we already have in mind certain things that we’re looking forward to today and some that we’re dreading.

Right now, without even knowing it, we’re defining today as a great day or a dreadful, dreary one, depending on whether we’re focussing on the things we’re looking forward to or the things we’re dreading. Unfortunately most of the times it’s the latter we focus and end up giving a blighted definition to the day before it’s even begun and then living it in that miserable negative fashion.

Not today. Not anymore. First we’re going to disconnect from the things we’re not looking forward to, today. They have to be done so we will but we’re going to give them as much importance as swatting a fly. In fact when we actually do them, we’ll even build little fun things before, after, during them to make them more pleasurable. Like having an ice-cream after. Or if it’s meeting a sour kind of guy, going with a bigger smile and maybe even a really funny joke. Make him not be sour anymore

Second we’re going to bring all our focus to the things we are looking forward to.  Build up our excitement, visualize those events in all their glory till we can actually feel the excitement and joy in our hearts.

And if we haven’t got anything to look forward to, then we create them. Fix up to meet the funnest friend we have, set up a date with the spouse/special someone or ask someone out. Or have an indulgent, extra loving date with ourselves. Or we go for a swim, a jog and then a lovely dinner. Good music. A movie, play, concert, book. Not an evening of channel surfing or FBing. We will create fun moments in our day. And then carry that fun, that anticipation through the day.

We are going to have an awesome day. Everyday.


Morning Ray of Sunshine

Remember how trusting we were as children. How we had so much faith in everyone and everything. Life was so much easier no back then?

But now after a series of buffers and bangs from life we’ve all become so cynical. We’re constantly looking at everything and everyone with jaundiced eyes – where’s the catch, how do I protect myself. We live as if the whole world is out to get us.

Now true that it would be naive and stupid to blindly trust everyone and everything. But this being constantly suspicious and doubtful, what is it getting us – anxiety, angst, tension, walls in relationships?

What if we dropped all our doubting today? What if we trusted the Universe that whatever happens is for our good and for our growth and learning? And trust ourselves that even if we get scammed or cheated we are strong enough to work around it, bounce back. Why, we are so powerful that we can use that very setback as a bouncing board to leap even higher than where we were

But let’s open our heart to the world today, let’s feel that peace and that carefree energy and joy that trusting brings, the very same that gave us wings when we were kids. Let’s fly again

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Power. Endless, incredible, power that surges through us…

When? When we do what we fear or think is beyond us. When we face up to that assholic client or boss. When we run that extra 5 miles. When we are weighed down with pain and sadness but we still put on our game face and do what we have to do. When every path ahead is blocked, every person we counted on for support has ditched us but we still charge on towards our dream…

We’ve all felt, experienced it. How magical, how heady is that feeling! Feels like we’re a superhero. We can do anything. And we can.

Everytime we attack what scares us,  daunts us, what we think is too big for us, we unleash the hero within us. And the more often we do it, the easier it becomes and the stronger our hero persona gets. Till nothing seems impossible and we are the monarchs of all we survey.

So fellow heroes and heroines, what are we waiting for? Up, up and away

Morning Ray of Sunshine

You know how when we’re working out there’s that one point where the pain really hits. And that’s when most of us give up. But fact is that’s the point to keep going on, pushing through cause that’s where the breakthrough is, where muscles are forged and our dream body is crafted.

So it is with life. When obstacles, setbacks, heartbreak hit us that’s when we break, give up, back off, run away. But that’s exactly the point we have to keep forging on. Not denying the pain or sadness, no way, accepting it, embracing it and then keep on charging forward towards our goal, our dream be it a cherished ambition or our love or anything else. When it feels like the pain is too much and we can’t take it anymore, we are at breaking point, hang on just that bit longer. The miracles are just around the corner.

And that’s how we grow, learn, build our spiritual core, become our highest selves.

To gritting our teeth, smiling and crossing that last mile to the finishing line. May the force be with us

Morning Ray of Sunshine

How’s about we try an interesting game today that could completely change our attitude towards life and everything that happens?

You know how when something happens that we have decided is ‘bad’, a ‘problem’, ‘disaster’ etc. So today when something like that happens let’s not be in a hurry to classify it as bad or undesirable. Let’s not summon up all the usual negative emotions that we have on demand when things like this take place.

Instead let’s just stay neutral for a moment and dub it ‘an experience’. Now let’s go one step further – we don’t get into our usual moan groan routine – why do bad things happen to me, my day is ruined. Instead we decide that this experience is actual an adventure, a quest.

So earlier where we would deal with the ‘problem’ as a burden and a chore now we enjoy the adventure, make a game of it, find humour and excitement in every aspect of it. Who knows what earlier might have been the most miserable part of our day might actually be the highlight.

So it’s a double bonus – one we anyway get the learning that these situations are meant for. Two it becomes a fun high point, mad escapade that puts a smile on our face and enthusiasm in our hearts.

Could we ask for more?

Chalo, let’s try it…

Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are those points in our life when everything seems to be crumbling, when all that we’ve built our life around seems to be slipping away.  And everything looks dark and bleak.

The events are real. So is the tragedy. Yes this too shall pass But right now there is pain, there is sadness,hopelessness. Worst of all there may be a sense of feeling like a loser, a failure.

That’s when we need to stop. We are not losers. We are  people to whom this is happening. So let’s stop making ourselves victims.

Yes, we may ask why is this happening? No answer. Maybe to teach us something. But the important fact is we are way bigger than this. We are powerful, beautiful people with glorious, joyous lives to live. Today is far from the end of our tale. Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost

Right now let’s focus on our strength, how we have it in us to soar above this. Let’s tap our strength to do good – for ourselves, in everything we do. Let’s channel our pain, sadness into doing, creating, standing tall. Pain and hardship are the crucible in which our greatest, strongest, our real selves are forged. Let’s allow our real selves to come out and shine…

Let’s look in the mirror and and say to yourselves – I believe in you. I love you. I am powerful. I am God’s chosen child. I am bigger than all of this. I will survive. I will thrive. I will shine. I will smile.

And then smile. The light isn’t at the end of the tunnel. It is in us. And we just illuminated the darkness. Only up from here.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are times when we feel alone, desperately vulnerably alone. We could be with our families or actually alone, doesn’t matter – that sinking, aching feeling can still take us over.

Way out? Well first we need to accept that at a very basic level – we are alone. We come into this world, we will leave alone, whatever we want to do, we have to make it happen. No one is going to do it for us. But this realization is a good thing. It makes us self reliant, we take charge of our lives, become the masters of our destiny.

Second, maybe without realizing it or consciously, we are blocking people, keeping walls between them and us. Let’s open ourselves even more to the people in our lives. No, nor needily crying on their shoulders, but reaching out with love, allowing them to see our vulnerability, supporting them in theirs. When we are feeling low, it’s a good time to reach out, touch someone else who’s  in pain… that generosity lifts us our of our darkness.

And let’s just hug ourselves just that tighter, let’s spoil ourselves a lil bit more, let’s accept and love ourselves just the way we are. We are beautiful souls and goodness is just around the corner. Believe it.

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Of course things are going to happen that piss us off, irritate us, make us upset, angry, sad. All these are natural emotions. Question is what then?

Do we stay in that angry, irked mood for hours and lose out on precious moments of the day? Or do we make a choice to get out of it and get on with celebrating the day.

Sure it’s not easy but not so hard either. For starters we could just step outside the situation and just do something to get us back in a happier frame of mind – a quick chat, a song, a joke, a cuppa – whatever works. And then we can take a cool, dispassionate look at the irksome situation, figure what is in our power to fix it, do that and move on.

Once we’ve done our best we have to let higher powers take care of the rest. Our time and energies are better utilized working on something else, making ourselves happy, making someone else happy or maybe all of the above.

To bouncing back swiftly from everything today and keeping that smile on our faces, that joy in our eyes and jump in our steps…

Morning Ray of Sunshine

It’s a good life

For all the setbacks, the disappointments, the heartbreaks, the challenges there is so so much for us to be grateful for, for us to fill our hearts with joy and rejoice.

So today what say we just do that. Over the day just keep thinking of the wondrous blessings in our life be it our parents, siblings, family or the creature comforts and luxuries that we take for granted, the people who love, support and guide us or just the endless opportunities for mad fun that keep coming to us… the list is endless. Let’s just think of them, feel them and celebrate.

What’s more let’s be extra open to the little joys in our day today be it a scurrying squirrel in our window, a cute comment a kid, a crazy meme on FB, a tune that we heard on the radio, a delightful fragrance that found its way into our nostrils – anything, everything – let’s just grab them all and really, really enjoy them.

Let’s just make today a day of being happy and celebrating our being alive, blessed with so much love and abundance. Cheers

Morning Ray of Sunshine

Ultimately everything comes down to our attitude.

We can go into the workplace dreading what we have to do, full of resistance and dislike and sure enough nothing goes our way – the whole thing becomes a burden, drudgery, torture. And the day we go in with a joyful heart, determined to have fun with every little thing, every task is a breeze, everything magical falls into place, we have a blast.

Similarly with people, when we go in expecting someone to be painful and irritating, that’s pretty much how they are. But when we decide that they will be pleasant, nice and that the whole interaction will be delightful, surprise surprise – that’s what happens.

Even to the extent that when we expect no rickshaw or cab to stop for us that’s what we get. When we decide we’ll get one in no time – Ta Dah… Groan about traffic and we’re ensuring we’ll get log jammed. Decide we’ll breeze through and that’s what we create.

What we send out to the Universe is what we get back.

So let’s decide we’re getting the best of situations, the best out of people, the best day ever. And then revel in the best day ever