Morning Ray of Sunshine

Into each life some rain must fall. So it is with pain. We cannot expect to have a life with no downs, no upsets, no sadness. It is part of the natural scheme of things.

So then why run from it, deny, push it away? Just like in food a perfect dish combines sweet, salty, spicy, sour, so too a full life must have tears and pain along with laughter and love.

So how’s about we embrace our sadness,  hold it close, let our body and soul experience it fully, knowing this too is needed, this too is strength and learning for our spirit. And that this will only sharpen our taste and appreciation for the goodness and joys in our life.

Hansna hai toh khul ke hans lete hain. Rona hai toh jee bhar ke ro lete hain. No holding back. Let’s live each emotion fully.


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