Morning Ray of Sunshine

Not everything is meant to last a lifetime. There are jobs- a line of work – things we do, friendships, relationships – that come for  a period of time and then go away.

Now point is maybe that’s all the time they were meant to be in our lives. Maybe they served the purpose they were meant to. It is we who define something that lasts a lifetime as a great and anything short lived as a failure or not good. But that’s not true – a week doing something that we never do again could be the most cherished experience of our lives. A one time meeting that doesn’t last beyond a day or two could teach us more about love and loving than a relationship spanning decades. Not to mention giving us memories that delight and inspire us forever more.

Let’s stop judging our relationships be it with people, something we do, places or anything else by their duration. Instead of angsting or guilting ourselves about why something didn’t or won’t last let’s give all of ourselves to everything we do and everyone we’re with as long as we’re with them. Let’s make every moment so beautiful, intense and rewarding that it feels like we’ve lived a 100 years in that moment.

It’s not how long we were with someone or something but how well…

Make every moment count, make it special. Make it memorable.


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