Morning Ray of Sunshine

When one is feeling low, sad, depressed, the easiest thing is to go into one’s shell, put up walls, shut everyone out and wallow in the misery. It’s also a guaranteed way of making sure one takes a really long time to come out of the low.

Actually this is the time when we most need to open ourselves to support and help, to people who care, to higher powers. We need to open our hearts and let their love and caring heal our wounds, make us strong again.

Of course there are fears of being hurt again, of course the wounds are tender but while the antiseptic burns for a second, it heals the injury just as fast. Yes there is a fear of becoming dependent on the other person but that too is a fallacy.  It is our choice whether we use them as loving friends or make them a crutch. And sure there is a tendency to feel no one will understand – their lives are happy and sorted but that is just our ego taking us into a victim zone to keep us wallowing. Truth is they were where we are today and tomorrow once again the roles could be reversed. This cycle of loving, helping, supporting is what makes us human, makes life beautiful.

The pain is ephemeral, we will heal. But why not make the process gentle, sweet and loving but letting those who care for us support and carry us through…


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