Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are good days, bad days, days we consider hard, days that are a breeze.

Sure events happen in every day that delight us or try us or bring us down. But there is no day with not a ray of hope or goodness. And there is no perfect day either. Good, bad are just labels we assign to days.

Whatever today is, how’s about we embrace it with peace, equanimity, love and positivity… Let us delight in the joys that it offers, and in the obstacles and pain as well. Just like physical pain that comes from exercise makes our body fitter, stronger, this kind of emotional pain is a workout for our soul, for it to become stronger, wiser.

What must be undergone, must be. But why waste a precious day crying over the inevitable. Perhaps if one faces the same with acceptance, gentleness, strength and love one might be able to sail through so much more smoothly.

As a dear friend shared with me – Everything is going to be alright, maybe not today but ultimately. In fact everything is alright… just cause things haven’t gone according to our plan doesn’t make life or the day wrong. It is but a step in a larger plan and that is far more beautiful and wonderful than anything we can come up with that.

So let’s keep that faith, what we may dread today is just a step leading to our ultimate grin. No matter how hard it seems, today let’s just smile, believe and flow


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