Morning Ray of Sunshine

The people in our life are super important. They make our lives worth living. They bring meaning and joy to our lives.

At the same time no one else defines us. Our life is our own and is not contingent on anyone else, their presence in our lives or not, their pleasure – nothing.

Even if we lose the people we love, if they’re not in our life anymore… life still goes on. We cannot collapse or crumble or make them an excuse for giving up on life.

Ultimately this life is for ourselves – for our learning, our growth, our happiness. We have to take charge of our own lives, take responsibility for living it, for forging forward towards our goals and for making ourselves happy.

Fundamentally we’re all on our own and we need to respect and live that.

Embrace the people in our lives, love them but don’t make our life or our happiness dependent on them.


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