Morning Ray of Sunshine

Fundamentally we are all kind, compassionate, loving people. Only we seem to forget all this kindness and compassion when it comes to ourselves…

How hard do we push ourselves? Have we set ourselves targets that we would never set anyone else? Do we whip ourselves when we fail to achieve these? Do we go through paroxysms of I’m not good enough when we don’t excel at everything we do or are slow at picking up something new or make a mistake? Not fair no?

Let’s start showing ourselves some of that boundless compassion and love. Sure, let’s set lofty goals and targets but let’s lovingly be ok with ourselves when we don’t live up. Let’s give ourselves hugs, encouragement and support ourselves to do better. Let’s not beat ourselves up or savage our self image at any failure. Instead let’s love and shore ourselves more and promise to keep at it. Anyway it’s the journey that matters not the destination so let’s make it loving.

And most of all today let’s spoil ourselves with love and acceptance. Let’s make ourselves feel special, one of a kind, cherished. We deserve it


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