Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are things we do, tiny, little things that perhaps we give very little importance to us but that give us strength and enthusiasm and energy to face all the big challenges of the day.

Things like a brisk morning walk, a workout, listening to and humming a few favourite songs, whipping up a favourite biscuit, a phone chat with the most fun person you know, monkeying around with your kids or pets, doing the crossword – the list is endless.

Whatever these things are, right through the day, let’s not lose sight of them, let’s not ever stop doing them. They are our pep pills, our magic potion, our instant perk uppers – dose of energy and sunshine. They pick us up when we’re knocked down, give us hope and enthusiasm when we’re feeling battered and beat. They are the difference between us giving up and forging on.

So let’s figure what our pep pills and pack our days with them. We need them and even when we don’t an extra dose of energy and joy is also welcome.

PS. SMILING is one of the best pep pills ever – for ourselves and everyone else. So pass it around


One comment

  1. cicorm · November 12, 2015

    Love the imagery of “pep pills” and the carry around! Nice write, Anandloki! 🙂

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