Morning Ray of Sunshine

We are always scared of doing what we’ve never done before or what we think we’re not good at or just of stepping into unknown territory. We’re scared of failing, of looking like a fool, of falling in our self esteem

But why do we look at everything as a competition, an arena where we must prove our self worth or be condemned forever? The unknown is not about proving our mastery but with humility accepting our lack of know and expertise and learning.

This learning, this experimenting, exploring, discovering, growing is why we’re here in the first place. It’s where the real joy of life. It’s where we truly find ourselves and ascend to becoming our higher self.

So starting this week let’s leap and grab every opportunity that comes to do what we have never done, to tread new waters, blaze new paths. Let’s see them only as glorious opportunities for learning, having fun – a grand adventure not as touchstones to prove our worthy. Our worthiness comes from stepping out of our comfort zone and boldly embracing the darkness. The rest is just about flowing and discovering.

To the innocence and excitement of adventuring and exploring the world and ourselves.


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