Morning Ray of Sunshine

And there also comes a time when we feel completely dispirited, demotivated, defeated almost. When one can’t think of a reason to get out of bed or face the day. When nothing not projects nor time with loved ones not even a holiday inspires or charges us up.

That’s when it’s even more imperative to keep going. Keep that exercise, workout, run, walk happening – maybe even double it. Spend maximum time with people who care, who can bring a smile to our faces, who will push us to doing mad, fun stuff – even if we feel like blocking everyone out and growing roots in front of the TV. In every single day we need to find small little things that can give us joy – be it a cup of ice cream at breakfast, a detour to get a smile from the cute assistant at the coffee shop, an impromptu stupid game with a colleague – the more juvenile the better, whatever works for us. Be it spending time in new places or with new people or just even in an old familiar spot that always lift the spirits (eg. Marine Drive), let’s do it. Let’s bring in music, dance, humour, anything to dispel the clouds of gloom, shatter the inertia, kick us out of this blue funk.

And as a good friend pointed out we just need to hang in there. It’s astonishing what wonderful things can happen in a really short time when we keep the doors open.

To good times and goodness for all of us and making it happen.


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