Morning Ray of Sunshine

Ultimately everything comes down to our attitude.

We can go into the workplace dreading what we have to do, full of resistance and dislike and sure enough nothing goes our way – the whole thing becomes a burden, drudgery, torture. And the day we go in with a joyful heart, determined to have fun with every little thing, every task is a breeze, everything magical falls into place, we have a blast.

Similarly with people, when we go in expecting someone to be painful and irritating, that’s pretty much how they are. But when we decide that they will be pleasant, nice and that the whole interaction will be delightful, surprise surprise – that’s what happens.

Even to the extent that when we expect no rickshaw or cab to stop for us that’s what we get. When we decide we’ll get one in no time – Ta Dah… Groan about traffic and we’re ensuring we’ll get log jammed. Decide we’ll breeze through and that’s what we create.

What we send out to the Universe is what we get back.

So let’s decide we’re getting the best of situations, the best out of people, the best day ever. And then revel in the best day ever


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