Morning Ray of Sunshine

It’s a good life

For all the setbacks, the disappointments, the heartbreaks, the challenges there is so so much for us to be grateful for, for us to fill our hearts with joy and rejoice.

So today what say we just do that. Over the day just keep thinking of the wondrous blessings in our life be it our parents, siblings, family or the creature comforts and luxuries that we take for granted, the people who love, support and guide us or just the endless opportunities for mad fun that keep coming to us… the list is endless. Let’s just think of them, feel them and celebrate.

What’s more let’s be extra open to the little joys in our day today be it a scurrying squirrel in our window, a cute comment a kid, a crazy meme on FB, a tune that we heard on the radio, a delightful fragrance that found its way into our nostrils – anything, everything – let’s just grab them all and really, really enjoy them.

Let’s just make today a day of being happy and celebrating our being alive, blessed with so much love and abundance. Cheers


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