Morning Ray of Sunshine

Of course things are going to happen that piss us off, irritate us, make us upset, angry, sad. All these are natural emotions. Question is what then?

Do we stay in that angry, irked mood for hours and lose out on precious moments of the day? Or do we make a choice to get out of it and get on with celebrating the day.

Sure it’s not easy but not so hard either. For starters we could just step outside the situation and just do something to get us back in a happier frame of mind – a quick chat, a song, a joke, a cuppa – whatever works. And then we can take a cool, dispassionate look at the irksome situation, figure what is in our power to fix it, do that and move on.

Once we’ve done our best we have to let higher powers take care of the rest. Our time and energies are better utilized working on something else, making ourselves happy, making someone else happy or maybe all of the above.

To bouncing back swiftly from everything today and keeping that smile on our faces, that joy in our eyes and jump in our steps…


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