Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are times when we feel alone, desperately vulnerably alone. We could be with our families or actually alone, doesn’t matter – that sinking, aching feeling can still take us over.

Way out? Well first we need to accept that at a very basic level – we are alone. We come into this world, we will leave alone, whatever we want to do, we have to make it happen. No one is going to do it for us. But this realization is a good thing. It makes us self reliant, we take charge of our lives, become the masters of our destiny.

Second, maybe without realizing it or consciously, we are blocking people, keeping walls between them and us. Let’s open ourselves even more to the people in our lives. No, nor needily crying on their shoulders, but reaching out with love, allowing them to see our vulnerability, supporting them in theirs. When we are feeling low, it’s a good time to reach out, touch someone else who’s  in pain… that generosity lifts us our of our darkness.

And let’s just hug ourselves just that tighter, let’s spoil ourselves a lil bit more, let’s accept and love ourselves just the way we are. We are beautiful souls and goodness is just around the corner. Believe it.


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