Morning Ray of Sunshine

There are those points in our life when everything seems to be crumbling, when all that we’ve built our life around seems to be slipping away.  And everything looks dark and bleak.

The events are real. So is the tragedy. Yes this too shall pass But right now there is pain, there is sadness,hopelessness. Worst of all there may be a sense of feeling like a loser, a failure.

That’s when we need to stop. We are not losers. We are  people to whom this is happening. So let’s stop making ourselves victims.

Yes, we may ask why is this happening? No answer. Maybe to teach us something. But the important fact is we are way bigger than this. We are powerful, beautiful people with glorious, joyous lives to live. Today is far from the end of our tale. Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost

Right now let’s focus on our strength, how we have it in us to soar above this. Let’s tap our strength to do good – for ourselves, in everything we do. Let’s channel our pain, sadness into doing, creating, standing tall. Pain and hardship are the crucible in which our greatest, strongest, our real selves are forged. Let’s allow our real selves to come out and shine…

Let’s look in the mirror and and say to yourselves – I believe in you. I love you. I am powerful. I am God’s chosen child. I am bigger than all of this. I will survive. I will thrive. I will shine. I will smile.

And then smile. The light isn’t at the end of the tunnel. It is in us. And we just illuminated the darkness. Only up from here.


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