Morning Ray of Sunshine

How’s about we try an interesting game today that could completely change our attitude towards life and everything that happens?

You know how when something happens that we have decided is ‘bad’, a ‘problem’, ‘disaster’ etc. So today when something like that happens let’s not be in a hurry to classify it as bad or undesirable. Let’s not summon up all the usual negative emotions that we have on demand when things like this take place.

Instead let’s just stay neutral for a moment and dub it ‘an experience’. Now let’s go one step further – we don’t get into our usual moan groan routine – why do bad things happen to me, my day is ruined. Instead we decide that this experience is actual an adventure, a quest.

So earlier where we would deal with the ‘problem’ as a burden and a chore now we enjoy the adventure, make a game of it, find humour and excitement in every aspect of it. Who knows what earlier might have been the most miserable part of our day might actually be the highlight.

So it’s a double bonus – one we anyway get the learning that these situations are meant for. Two it becomes a fun high point, mad escapade that puts a smile on our face and enthusiasm in our hearts.

Could we ask for more?

Chalo, let’s try it…


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