Morning Ray of Sunshine

You know how when we’re working out there’s that one point where the pain really hits. And that’s when most of us give up. But fact is that’s the point to keep going on, pushing through cause that’s where the breakthrough is, where muscles are forged and our dream body is crafted.

So it is with life. When obstacles, setbacks, heartbreak hit us that’s when we break, give up, back off, run away. But that’s exactly the point we have to keep forging on. Not denying the pain or sadness, no way, accepting it, embracing it and then keep on charging forward towards our goal, our dream be it a cherished ambition or our love or anything else. When it feels like the pain is too much and we can’t take it anymore, we are at breaking point, hang on just that bit longer. The miracles are just around the corner.

And that’s how we grow, learn, build our spiritual core, become our highest selves.

To gritting our teeth, smiling and crossing that last mile to the finishing line. May the force be with us


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