Morning Ray of Sunshine

Power. Endless, incredible, power that surges through us…

When? When we do what we fear or think is beyond us. When we face up to that assholic client or boss. When we run that extra 5 miles. When we are weighed down with pain and sadness but we still put on our game face and do what we have to do. When every path ahead is blocked, every person we counted on for support has ditched us but we still charge on towards our dream…

We’ve all felt, experienced it. How magical, how heady is that feeling! Feels like we’re a superhero. We can do anything. And we can.

Everytime we attack what scares us,  daunts us, what we think is too big for us, we unleash the hero within us. And the more often we do it, the easier it becomes and the stronger our hero persona gets. Till nothing seems impossible and we are the monarchs of all we survey.

So fellow heroes and heroines, what are we waiting for? Up, up and away


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