Morning Ray of Sunshine

Remember how trusting we were as children. How we had so much faith in everyone and everything. Life was so much easier no back then?

But now after a series of buffers and bangs from life we’ve all become so cynical. We’re constantly looking at everything and everyone with jaundiced eyes – where’s the catch, how do I protect myself. We live as if the whole world is out to get us.

Now true that it would be naive and stupid to blindly trust everyone and everything. But this being constantly suspicious and doubtful, what is it getting us – anxiety, angst, tension, walls in relationships?

What if we dropped all our doubting today? What if we trusted the Universe that whatever happens is for our good and for our growth and learning? And trust ourselves that even if we get scammed or cheated we are strong enough to work around it, bounce back. Why, we are so powerful that we can use that very setback as a bouncing board to leap even higher than where we were

But let’s open our heart to the world today, let’s feel that peace and that carefree energy and joy that trusting brings, the very same that gave us wings when we were kids. Let’s fly again


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