Morning Ray of Sunshine

A day, any day will always have both ups and downs. Right now, as we’re setting out to live this day we already have in mind certain things that we’re looking forward to today and some that we’re dreading.

Right now, without even knowing it, we’re defining today as a great day or a dreadful, dreary one, depending on whether we’re focussing on the things we’re looking forward to or the things we’re dreading. Unfortunately most of the times it’s the latter we focus and end up giving a blighted definition to the day before it’s even begun and then living it in that miserable negative fashion.

Not today. Not anymore. First we’re going to disconnect from the things we’re not looking forward to, today. They have to be done so we will but we’re going to give them as much importance as swatting a fly. In fact when we actually do them, we’ll even build little fun things before, after, during them to make them more pleasurable. Like having an ice-cream after. Or if it’s meeting a sour kind of guy, going with a bigger smile and maybe even a really funny joke. Make him not be sour anymore

Second we’re going to bring all our focus to the things we are looking forward to.  Build up our excitement, visualize those events in all their glory till we can actually feel the excitement and joy in our hearts.

And if we haven’t got anything to look forward to, then we create them. Fix up to meet the funnest friend we have, set up a date with the spouse/special someone or ask someone out. Or have an indulgent, extra loving date with ourselves. Or we go for a swim, a jog and then a lovely dinner. Good music. A movie, play, concert, book. Not an evening of channel surfing or FBing. We will create fun moments in our day. And then carry that fun, that anticipation through the day.

We are going to have an awesome day. Everyday.


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