Morning Ray of Sunshine

Fear ravages us, takes away our sleep, peace, destroys hope, positivity, doesn’t allow us to live the day.

Fighting fear doesn’t help. It only takes us away from everything else we should be doing and engages us in the negative space. So denying it or running from fear doesn’t help. The best thing to do is to accept we are afraid, embrace the fear and keeping it with us move forward to doing what scares us.

The thing is part of our fears are unreal anyway. Like a mirage as we go closer they vanish. As for what is real how about a game that will make facing them easier, more fun? We all love adventure movies, love the thrills of seeing Bond or Indy or Luke face danger and life threatening situations.

Well what if we decided what we fear is our adventure, what if we looked at this as the movie of which we are the hero? As we go into the scary situation, let’s imagine cameras and audiences watching us, let’s hear a rousing background score and let’s trust that the Big Director in the Sky who’s scripted this has made sure we’ll come out on top, smiling and triumphant. And then let’s dive in like a hero. Phir toh jeetna hi padega Boss.

We are all heroes of our movies – our lives. Let’s live like that, every moment, every day.


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