Morning Ray of Sunshine

By his very nature man is a social creature. We want to be loved, accepted. We want people to like us. We want to make a good impression on people, all the time.

Which is all good, except are we aware when we cross the line and go into a pleasing zone? Where one stops being his real self and starts becoming what he thinks the other person will like??? So often, and not just in work, more so in personal situations, we lose ourselves, becomes someone else. And sad part is this can continue for years…

Now fact is we can only be ourselves. That is the best version of us. Anything else is a fraud and will only make us unhappy and discontent. Which will ultimately lead to the break up or problems in the relationship where we’re trying to be someone else. So what’s the point?

If someone has to like us or give us work or want to be with us, it has to be for who we really are. Else it’s not sustainable, will end badly.

And considering there’s only one of us in this world and there will never be another why would we want to be anything else? Sure we have shortcomings, idiosyncrasies  but all that adds to the beautiful, glorious, one of a kind, awesome person we are. Would you ask a parrot to give up its squawk? Or a waterfall to turn down the tap?

Let’s accept and celebrate who we are. As for the actor in us, let’s save him for that stage performance or the office play.

Let’s love our selves and let our real persona shine through. It is the best us.


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