Morning Ray of Sunshine

A lot of us aren’t comfortable and easy with money. Either we operate out of scarcity, constantly feel we haven’t got enough, crave it, chase it, get a little desperate about it. Or we are awkward talking about it, affect an air if disdain and no interest, cause we labour under the misapprehension that accepting a normal desire for money is dirty, greedy, makes us less nice people. Pretty similar to how a lot of people still view sex.

But fact is money is a form of energy, it’s needed, and like anything else when treated with the appropriate amount of respect and love, it’s a most inspiring, powerful, beneficial energy. Rather than going to either extreme about it let’s just embrace it with love as we would any other goodness in our life, welcome it, accept that we need it, want it without going overboard or rejecting it.

Let’s also not forget that money is also a form of valuation today. And when out of desperation or feigned disdain we undervalue our price, we are actually undervaluing ourselves, disrespecting and devaluing our own worth. Rather let us remember we are special, what we do is unique and hence quote the appropriate price for that, which correctly honours who we are and what we do. That sets the self respect bar also high and also does not allow the outside world to devalue us.

But it all comes from making peace and being love with this energy. So let’s do that.


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