Morning Ray of Sunshine

You know how we have this tendency of constantly second guessing ourselves. We do a job and then keep wondering – have we done it right, can it be better, should I have done something differently. Job is done, purpose served, people are appreciating it but we’re still beset by doubts and we cover up our insecurity and lack of faith in ourselves by calling it perfectionism. What it is fear and lack of self belief.

We do the same with decisions – dither forever or make one and then keep questioning, wondering, angsting if we’ve made the wrong call, try and reverse things and then doubt that as well.

Consequence – we’re stuck, don’t move forward, lose out on opportunities, on living the moment.

Let’s just look at ourselves in the mirror and accept that we are phenomenal, special, unique, gifted individuals. Let us appreciate how talented and awesome we are and then let’s make a commitment to ourselves, not to doubt our work, our decisions. But to surrender to our hearts and the guidance from above and trust that we are where we should be, doing what we should be, heading where we should.

And ultimately there is no right decision, wrong decision, everything only helps us learn, grow and moves us to where we’re meant to go. Ditto with all the work. Let’s chuck aside the ego of being right or perfect, accept we are lifelong students and with innocence, enthusiasm and excitement, let’s enjoy exploring, experimenting, discovering and growing. After all every failure gives us a new opportunity to try something new, to become even better.

Let’s embrace that and just have fun. Like we used to when we were kids and never cared about being right.


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