Morning Ray of Sunshine

Life is fickle. We may be fit and fine and thinking we have another four to five decades and then BANG! Over…

Of course that doesn’t mean we start worrying or panicking. Exactly the opposite. We start living. 200 percent. NOW.

All those dreams we have – things we want to accomplish, adventures we want to go on, experiences we want to try – the whole bucket list – no waiting till we’re 60, 70 to take a look – let’s start doing them now – all of them. None of those time, money, other responsibilities excuses – if we set our mind we know we can find a way. And fact is if we had just 6 more months, we would find a way. So let’s just go for it.

And ditto on anyone we care for, if there’s something beautiful we want to say, something special we want to do, well right now is the time to do it. In fact even if we didn’t have it on our agenda let’s just go ahead and do beautiful, loving, special things for everyone we care about.

And then what? We can also make another bucket list no? Think of more wonderful things to do for those we love. If we end up doing more, living more, loving more then we planned hey that’s super awesome. More power to that


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