Morning Ray of Sunshine

Loving someone and holding onto them are not the same. In fact almost the opposite.

Love in its truth is unconditional, doesn’t come with diktats like love me back with equal fervour, stay with me etc. In the name of love we sometimes try to hold on too tight, suffocating the other, forcing them to run from us, the exact opposite of what we wanted.

Let’s love people with genuine delight and passion, openness and surrender but most of all the unquestioning faith that love will come to us, perhaps from this person, perhaps from someone else but we are not alone, never. Most of all we cannot let ourselves become needy for we must love ourselves fully before we can even begin to really love anyone else. Otherwise it isn’t love, just a contract – I will fulfil your ‘love’ needs, you fulfil mine…

If we have chosen to love someone let it be the real thing. Let it be pure, unconditional and liberating. Let us not hold on to them or look for artificial ways of timing them to us. If they love us, it will reach us from wherever they are. And if not, there is still love in our lives, we just have to open ourselves to it.

But first let’s learn to give love, to ourselves and others, unconditionally and just bathe and revel in the sheer joy of selfless love. Magic will follow.


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